DITA TWINS: First contemplatives impressions



Some people might think i’m a guy limited to budget earphones but it will be just only knowing one side of my audiophile journey, wich is about biggest benifit return in term of sound value in sub-500$ price range. Yes, this is my number one obsession, but the other one, the real fondamental audiophile one is the search of Absolute Musicality Perfection.

And this do not exist, it’s like searching proof of God existence, wich in some sens can explain why some audiophile people look like to be sectary in their approach of high end audio rendering. But it explain too this sacred obsession about musical rendering epicurism.

In the very begining of my audio search, I try or own multiple pricey iem, like the Westone ES2 custom at 700$, the Hifiman RE-2000 at 2000$, the Final Audio B3 at 700$ etc. When I listen to those, thinking about price value became very complicate because this search for audio bliss is abstract and somewhat irrationnal. Sure, some were too mediocre to worth asking price, should it be in term of cosntruction or versatility of sound enjoyment, but still, they were all musicaly enjoyable but never perfect. Sometime I want something more, other time something less.

Today I got the chance to give a try to both DITA FEALTY AND FIDELITY, wich are both priced at 1300$. It make some time that these make me extremely curious due to good reception from alot of audiophile. The DITA fan base is a solid one, so is their reputation to create high end luxury earphones as well. Now let’s share you my first impressions after 2 week of sporadical listening (due to other reviews works).


DITA create the TWINS earphones to explore duality between human and relationship as well as between music and listener.

Musicality versus Accuracy, Emotionality versus Rationality, Passion versus Love, Body versus Anatomy.

Fealty is about a musical romance while Fidelity is about perfectionism of lifelike realism.

Still, they aren’t called TWINS just for their difference, but for there similarities they share too, wich explain why the soundsignature is similar and have nuanced tuning difference that will not jump at you as if one model was super warm and bassy and the other one bright and analytical. This is more refined than that and can be explain by the use of very same diaphragm form but with different amount of material used for its complex molding that include PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and PEN (Polyethylene Naphthalate). Both of the TWINS share same Tuning target but with differet tonalities.

You can see here from the CRINNACLE frequencies response graphic that the tuning share more similarities than drastic variances.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dita fealty graph"

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dita fidelity graph"

In fact, DITA look like to have an audio rendering ideal, that they tend to subtly sculpt again and again, they remind me of Giacometti sculptor that was stubbornely sculpting same type of human walking figure to caught its very instant of truth, that was invisible, and impossible to perfetly render because it was the essence of mouvement. DITA try to capture essence of music in its absolute and every nuance of it is important.

CONSTRUCTION is sober, simple, yet elegant and sturdy. The housing is bigger than expected and I was worry about fit issue, but they are mean to be wear over ear and the rather long angled nozzle fit perfectly my ears with minimal pressure due to light alloy metal housing. I have a particular crush for dark gray brushed alloy look of the Fidelity, but i’m a little afraid that they can be prompt to scratching, wich explain why I will listen and use them 2 weeks more before publishing full review.

Durability look like to be important for DITA, because the mmcx connector are very well built with 2pin gold plated connection hole, as well, the male mmcx fit tighly and securly with rubber that protect mmxc connection. The cable have an industrial feel to it, its very thick and have a special feature that I ever seen with any other cable and find extremely practical : interchangeable plug system. Yes, you can now have a 2in1 cable that can be use as 3.5mm unbalanced or 2.5mm balanced by changing the screwable plug.


At 96db sensitivity and 16ohm impedance, I consider the TWINS moderately hard to drive, they will benifit from either capable DAP or DAC-AMP. I prefer how they sound with balanced output of my Xduoo X20 or Radsone ES100, but they can be easily drive with my Ibasso DX90 at mid gain too. Anyway, now with a 1300$ earphonns, I don’t think I need to say it’s absurd pluging them into a phone…(wich is a relieve!).


Both TWINS are what I consider balanced, transparent, refined and near neutral sounding earphones, FEALTY being slightly more lively and warmer with lusher mid range and punchier attack than more reference tuned and just a hint more bright and detailed FIDELITY.

First thing that hit you is the extremely wide, deep and circular soundstage, your not from one or other extend of the Hall, your in the middle of it and all the wall are made of noble woods that permit natural resonance (even if the body is made of alloy).

FEALTY have very controled BASS that have good texture in timbre, realist feel, excellent tonal transparence and just enough weight to have energic impact. Lower end is rather light and mid bass have just a little push fowards to give it round body and fast agile impact. The bass sound effortlessly accurate, but this isn’t overly pumped up at all wich explain why I call both TWINS ‘’rather neutral’’.

The MID RANGE is luscious and wide sounding, it have a natural thickness to it, and its gently embrace by mid bass. Its fowarded with grandeur, detailed and gently polished so no harshness appear. Timbre have a very appealing warthm to it that give a sens of tactile proximity to vocal, making my favorite signer Agnes Obel gain in emotionality and immersivity. What impress too is how transparent yet textured are the sound layers, all having full bodies but not sounding as if they fight again each other for extra attention. Cohesive, effortless, but vivid and luxuriant too, the mid range of the Fealty is extremely rewarding and perhaps the best I ever heard.

TREBLE is not artificialy fowarded and remind me a little Final Audio E serie approach but in a more energic way. We have more presence in lower and mid treble that permit a better overall balance of sound, the percussion stay in the back and aren’t sounding wrong. No splashiness, no harshness, no metallic brilliance, its revealing and innoffenssive at same time. Highs aren’t particularly sparkly or full of reverb, but they are rich and thick.

FIDELITY as said is very similar but have a clearer sound with less thick mid range and slightly brighter timbre and accurate imaging. While I will choose the Fealty for my favorite signer, I will choose the Fidelity for my favorite classical composer and interpret.

BASS have more body in lower region and very softed mid bass impact that permit to lower mid range to have extreme clarity and more space in instrumentation. The sound is even more transparent than the Fealty and cello sound very full and natural.

MID RANGE is vivid and detailed, imaging is spot on with high level of clarity that do not feel forced and flow beautifully in deep soundstage. The attack in mid range is particularly impressive, giving piano or violin sumptuous agility and presence. Again, I wanna say its the best mid range I ever heard….but…well, now its for classical music wich can make sound violin concerto so mesmerizing. Even if solo violinist on first seat have more light on him, all the back instrument have high level of clarity and energy that permit to discern every one of them with the respect they merit. Timbre without being as thick is sure more textured in upper mid range.

TREBLE feel more extended than Fealty, giving more micro details and highs attack and sparkle. Its near analytical, but so well balanced that no instruments sound out of place or forced, the percussions or plucked metallic instrument will have high definition accuracy with fast decay to it.


I’m afraid of telling too much as this is just my first impressions and will need to test the TWINS even more, with different source, eartips and music. In my official review I will share 3 random music track impressions too, as well, I will try to compare them more between eachother. I would like to make comparaison with other TOTL iem like the MEZE RAI Penta I should receive in some weeks.

One thing sure, the DITA TWINS are luxury for they ears more targeted for mature or romantic audiophile than bass head or treble head.

This time, Devil isn’t find in details, but heaven that is find in nuances.

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