Music lover have different wallet weight, but wathever the money you got, if you are Budget minded it mean you will not pay 120 000$ for some Focal headphones with daimonds stick on it.

For me, Budget audiophile product is about total price value, including the quality of compenent find in it. Sure technology research can upper price range, but once its find, it should be less expensive with time as well as number of production. Hifiman HE-400 is a good example of planar headphones offering great value because of mass production. But Hifiman can take the wrong path as well, like with the RE-2000 iem wich is just an overall value insult to people with hard earned money.

So, be very very cautious about upper 1000$ range of earphones, you must know construction of those are very cheap even with best drivers including the more expensive one. It’s not a mini nuclear center, its small housing of different material with one or more driver that can include dynamic, balanced armature, planar or piezo electric one.

So, let’s stay budget, but aware of audio miracle at honnest price when it occur!


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