About me, myself and NymPHONOmaniac

While i’m obsess about audio since I begin to discover jazz and classical (as well as Sennheiser Headphones) at 16 years old, I’ve been active on Headfi since 2013 where I tend to focus on a high sound benefit quest, which is often considerate as a ”budget audiophile quest” by audio enthusiast. Due to this high sound value exploration, I get ”specialize” in Chi-Fi audio products where we can often found exceptional sound benefit return in sub-300$ price range earphones, DAP, DAC-AMPS and dongles.

But this isn’t the only obsession of Eric Lab aka NymPHONOmaniac.
At 38 year old, my audiophile passion lead me to reach for highest sound quality possible without taking the price value in account as well, this perhaps explain why the earphones that I listen the must out of my collection is the Final A8000. And this perhaps explain too why I can’t consider this flagship pure beryllium DD IEM as my end game as well. Because, in my opinion, an intense audiophile seek for an utopia, a musical epiphany that push him to always sharpen and refine it’s critical listening experience.

In term of reviewing hobby, this permit me to expend my sound value quest and avoid me spending thousands and thousands on IEM and audio products i’m sincerly curious to test. Even if at they end, audiophile life is a costy one, I do enjoy dissecting the sound rendering of audio device and sharing my honnest reviews to people.

When it come to music style and tonality enjoyment, I’m open minded yet critical about quality of tonal balance as well as music recording. So, while I listen to old and modern jazz, classical, folk, indie rock, electronic etc, I tend to favorize well recorded and mastered music, and listen to them in FLAC (CD quality) from 44khz/16bit to 192khz/32bit, with a penchant for 48khz/24bit. As i part time music producer, i’m sensible about timbre and micro-details definition too. In other words, for ex, for IEM, i can enjoy both diffuse field and harman target tuning if well done, as well as W, V, or U shape if well balanced, cohesive in timbral balance and musical enough. While very judgmental about technical performance of audio products, I consider tonality as more subjective and biased by psychoacoustic cerebral and emotional response.

Most reviews samples I receive are free and choosen by myself. I do pay full or discounted price quite often too, since my audiophile curiosity is upstanding. I never let audio distributor or companies interfer with my sounds impressions and publish the review without showing them first. My subjectivity is independant minded and will always be. As notice, their no adds nor affiliated link neither on my site and elsewhere I intervene. Be sure my sound value awareness is sharp and unbiased.






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