-Douk Audio CM108 Dual TDA1305T USB DAC: ”Warm with great timbre, deep wide presentation, high end analog soundsignature with Mid centric approach”

-LUSYA HIFI 4x TDA1543 USB DAC (25$): ”Vast, ultra layered sound, smooth and detailed, high end analog soundsignature”

-LUSYA SA9023A+ES9018 USB OTG DAC (22$): ”High quality ES9018 dac chip, Very detailed sound, great clarity, black background, only appropriate for IEM”

-FIIO K1 (40$): ”Lively soundsignature, very small, for IEM use”


-EARSTUDIO RADSONE ES100 (100$): ”Great sound from Dual AK4375A, Good imaging and layering, lot of features, 3.5mm unbalanced AND 2.5mm balanced output, powerfull too very powerfull (balanced) for its size, very small, BT receiver and USB-OTG Dac-Amp”

-XDUOO XP-2 (100$): ”Good sound from AK4452 independant DAC, powerfull portable amp with Aux input, BT receiver, Gain switch, Excellent metal construction”



-Xduoo XD05 (Around 150$):

-Little Dot MK2 (150-165$):