Photo de ErIk Ikomori.

It make about 6 months I follow closely the creation of the flagship Piezo hybrid earphones from BQEYZ.

And now that spring season is long gone, and we are at the end of summer, there you go, the BQEYZ SPRING1 finally fly in the sky like a promising butterfly and land at my doors.

The fact that BQEYZ create a new technology for piezo driver have alot to do with my excitation, they literally invent a ‘’unibody piezo electric and dynamic driver’’. This driver is made in one piece that include 7 layer peizo with special dynamic driver that use carbon and woolen surface on the diaphragm.


I have the chance to receive a pair of this drivers to show them to you (and use it in a futur DIY iem project)

My expectations have just inflated and inflated all that time, to the point of becaming an airship that perhaps drive them too far.

Let’s see if its the case with these first NO BS impressions.

You can buy the BQEYZ SPRING1 from official store HERE

As well, for a limited time you can have a 20$ discount. Just write to the seller: NO BS 20$ DISCOUNT, please.

Photo de ErIk Ikomori.

CONSTRUCTION is excellent, metal used is so light yet thick and well polished that some will think its half plastic with back metal plate. Nope, just hit the housing togheter, the noise will reassure you : this is all metal housing. As well, the nozzle is metal too, and quite long. All in all, the SPRING1 promise long durability.


Photo de ErIk Ikomori.

ACCESSORIES included are well presented in a very enjoyable unboxing experience, wich is the more serious presentation of BQEYZ line up. Yes, we are in flagship territory, and one thing that proof it is the excellent 8 cores Silver plated cable that is included. Its thick, super sturdy and very beautifull. This type of cable alone should be priced between 30-50$ and is a very welcome addition to the excellently built 2pin earphones.

But what we care about is the SOUND.

And, man, it do not deceive.

FIRST SOUND IMPRESSIONS (with less than 15H burn in)


(here i use a balanced cable so my Radsone ES100 can fully drive these marvels)

Firstly, no other earphones on this planet sound like the SPRING1, its a unique and very revealing sound only these type of well tuned drivers technology can produce.

You litteraly hear Anatomy of sound, as if your a surgeon enamoured by the texture and shape of every organs you extract from a body. But here, the body is musicality.

What I mean is that timbre is approach in such a way you feel the shape of it, the texture, and the air within it. It’s hard to describe, but most be heard to believe. Some will find it too opaque, or euphonic, but never too thick. To me its utterly fascinating and can inject extra life and natural magnification to every isntrument : piano note have real weight and texture, cello is thick but never hollow, violin have multiple layers of sound withint every note, and yes, this acoustic phenomenon happen with the highs as well, so classical guitar plucked string have more body, not just extra brilliance or sparkle.

Secondly, at 43ohm with average 108db sensitivity, they need good amping to shine, otherwise the sound will lack dynamic and spaciality.

Talking about spaciality, it a very wide and tall soundstage that you have, with just enough air to have minimal deepnest.

IMAGING is again uniquely presented due to full timbre of every sound, its a dense one with good placement but not alot of space for instrument separation, still, somehow, it never sound congested whatever the number of sounds the music have.

BASS is super textured and thick with excellent grip, but keep its place in the back seat so it do not touch the mid range. Sub line are easy to hear and very agile, with impressive transient response that permit the mid bass punch to be fast enough even if not particularly fowards.

MID RANGE is extremely luscious and textured, so much is going on in this range its spectacularly addictive. The thing is that it do not sound particularly bright even if super detailed, its more creamy, buttery, sweet and very rich in flavor, but still healty in they endfor an generous meal with lotta sugar and spice and salt and yeah, some nice juicy grease too. Violin literally make me cry with the SPRING1, perhaps this model naming came from Four Seasons of Vivaldi??

For the TREBLE, I feel it have more energy in lower and mid highs wich are very linear and after small dip an extra upper treble for extra sparkle wich work beautifully. This give a very well balanced fully covered detailed sound with full presence from low to high. Resolution do not feel forced, just superior in energic naturalness. The SPRING aren’t amateurishly coloured earphones, its a whole balanced colorfull fresco.

Okay, enough, you got now a little idea of what to expect from this fabulous and very singular earphones. One thing sure, they worth every penny of their 140$ and oh, by the way you can get a NO BS 20$ DISCOUNT. Just write them : give me a NO BS 20$ discount and you’ll get it. Its a limited offer.

Here is a Frequencies response graphic, give a look…even if as said, what impress the most with the SPRING1 is complexity and fullness of TIMBRE. (its the official one unstretched by DynamicEars Headfier)


For closing word, I will try to find to whom I do not suggest these great earphones, because we all have different tastes after all I would not suggest them for intense Basshead, Treble head, the one that search very transparent or airy sound, and the one with an allergy to excellent earphones.


  1. would you still recommend spring1 to someone who only wants to power it from a phone or laptop ? will such low power sources make it still better than my cheap $30 kz zs10 pro or is it a waste of money on spring1 because it will only sound good on a more powerful source ? thanks


    1. ZS10 PRO are way easier to drive than Spring1. From your laptop they will be perhaps properly driven but really not sure about your phone, I would suggest you to buy a super budget DAC-AMP like the Tempotec HD PRO orr Meizu HIFI pro. And well, perhaps try buying the Spring1 on Ebay for 90$? (at they end, it make 90$+40$=130$=cheaper than stock Spring1 price) Other choice is buying cheaper BQEYZ KB100 which is easier to drive, but have less bass and is more neutral-less detailed. Similar to Moondrop Stafield in tonality.


      1. thanks, these powerful dacs are $40, is a $40 bluetooth receiver with usb dac such as fiio btr1k powerful enough to drive the spring1 ?(nice to also have the BT feature at the same price) if not, how much power does the spring1 requires to sound good ? does it sound really bad straight from a phone ?


      2. Straight from a phone, it sound too bright and flat in dynamic to my ears (but i only test it on LG G6 and Samsung A5 which isnt audiophile phone)…for bluetooth DAC-AMP, the new FIIO BTR3K look promising, or Shanling UP4. But even a 20$ dac-amp dongle like Tempotec HD will drive the Spring1 properly.


      3. Yes, and to my ears it do improve clarity, making the highs having more decay and sens of air. Bass tend to extend a little more naturally too. But it’s subtle, not night and day difference.


  2. when you say the fabric removal mod is “subtle , not night and day difference” is the difference between powering it straight from a phone and powering it with $40 meizu pro usb dac also subtle or is it night and day difference this time ? thanks


  3. just received my spring1 and i have a problem : i have what i believe is a “ground loop” that makes a buzzing sound when spring1 is plugged in my phone or laptop even when i don’t play music. this happens only when my phone or laptop is plugged in the the wall ac, when on battery or if i touch my laptop or phone metal chassis with my finger the buzz go away . has my spring1 defective grounding ? must i return it or someone has a workaround to avoid this buzz ? ( my kz zs10 pro does not have this problem at all and by the way sound improvement over zs10 pro is noticeable even on my laptop internal dac, not more detail or clarity, but a smoother, more relaxed sound with more depth ) thanks


      1. another spring1 user repoted having the same 50hz buzz. it is more audible if you are bare foot on the ground and only happens when your source is powered from a wall ac plug without grounding ( typical ac usb chargers only have 2 pin ac plug will produce it )


  4. Mostly stock cable. I use the 8strands silver plated Balanced cable from KBear too (when pluged to Earstudio ES100) Another great cable to use with the Spring1 is the Faaeal copper litz cable which make the timbre thicker and tonality warmer.


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