SIMGOT EN1000 Review: Refined and open sounding with a unique appealing musicality

-Gigantic soundstage
-Great transparency
-Good Imaging
-Refined balanced W shape tuning
-Sparkly airy treble
-realist tone
-sibilance free upper mids
-fast attack speed
-above average technicalities
-excellent construction with beautiful design
-tuning plug really work and open new doors to sound coloring

-dark lower treble can affect definition edge
-bass has a mellow bordeline sloppy in resonance hitting
-mids instrument like piano can lack a bit of note weight
-tuning cable is a bit concerning durability wise


TONALITY: 8.4/10


Simgot is a chinese earphones company that has been around for about 5 years, they gain success in the past with IEM like EN700 and lately their EM2 budget single DD gain great praise too.
I haven’t try any of those and what make me contact them is my extreme curiosity for an intriguing tech they use with cable which is suppose to inflict on sound rendering. Its call modular tuning plug and it act a little like impedance adapter but doesn’t affect negatively the dynamic rendering.
Today I will review the Simgot EN1000, and not only this cable with interchangeable tuning plug is worth of attention but the 10mm DLC+Berrylium composite diapraghm dynamic driver as well as acoustic consturction promise something very special.
Let see in this review if this IEM priced 190$ is worth of it’s price tag and competitive enough in sound value.



Since i’m not familiar with Simgot, i wasn’t expecting much and let me tell you the IEM construction take me by surprise in a very positive one, this is the type of construction we can expect for flagship earphone anywhere in sub-1000$ price range, yes, it’s that impressive, elegant, well crafted.


The whole shell is made of high quality stainless stell with miror finish that isn’t too easy to scratch, the back have CNC engraving and a tempered crystal glass panel. Their alot of attention to details and no imperfection to be found. Level of refinement is very high here as well as plain sober beauty. It have good weight without being too heavy. The shape is oval but have a smooth organic shape for nozzle to sit comfortably in ear. I would say its more comfy with cable that doesn’t have too tigh ear hook so we can custom the fit better. The 2pin connector feel extremely durable, again, top quality construction.


When it come to cable, it’s not bad, but since it’s an highlight of the product I would have expect a better quality one, in the sens it’s 8 cores SPC of good quality enough, but the cores are thin and the ear hook is too tight for my big ears. The plug mecanism is a bit basic too, you need to screw-unscrew it and i’m a bit worry about durability of it. So, i do hope Simgot will upgrade their cable for a more durable one in the futur even if it’s not that bad and sound transmission is clean and dynamic.


When it come to packaging, it sure look nice and make the consumer confident about its 200$ invetment. It come in a big black box with King Wonder gold lettering. You open it like a book and have well presented accessories. This include a good quality carrying case, the IEM, the cable with 3 tuning plug and 6 pairs of silicone eartips. I would have like the 2.5mm or 4.4mm plug to be included as well as more eartips since the EN1000 like the Kbear KB07 eartips alot, which aren’t include. This is nit picking because I have nothing negative to say about elegant packaging.



Tonal balance is a balanced smooth W shape with gently bright mids and upper treble and smoothed-darkened upper mids-lower treble. These are near crisp neutral, yet their a slight mid bass and lower mids boost that mix togheter organicaly. Its a very airy and open sounding IEM, with unique sound signature that sound refined, transparent and cohesive.

The bass is understated here, yet it can offer dark slam when needed, its not the best rounded or chunkiest bass and rumble is more about vibrant resonance. The mid bass is boosted and hit hard enough yet in a mellow way which lack proper definition to clearly separated it from lower mids, in fact it feel stick to it without really veiling since transient is fast but scooped in sharp edge, so no air between kick and sub bass line, yet they are present and well layered. So, while overal macro resolution of EN1000 is excellent, the bass feel less well resolve than reste of spectrum, and more their to add physical punch and energy. This can be problematic for very fast drumming that need pin point tight attack, but for soul, R&B, rap, classical and jazz, their no issue and in fact it sound right in tone, jsut bit too liquid in texture. Its the kind of bass that have safe ”oomph” to it, not a chunky big slam, nor a fast boom, nor a linear extension. Since it’s not overly boosted and keep its place in back of other instrument, the result is laid back punch and all but distracting, in the sens presence of mids and treble instruments will stole tend to be highlight in the mix, well sitted on a wide thumpy kick and not lacking in low harmonic. This is surprising too, while i would not call the EN1000 thick sounding, nor super boosted in low end, the lower mid range isn’t lacking and this permit them to offer versatile vocal covering, from male to female…and what sit between….vocalist.

The mid range is fascinating to say the least, it sound open, clean and well resolve with excellent sens of transparency and gently textured timbre. While gently bright, mids are sibilance free and have a smoothed edge which will affect a bit the sharpness of definition rendering yet not darken too much instrument presence. It seem vocal are particularly well extracted, both male and female have this fowards wide open presence, and are clearly layered, not mixing with other instrument and in fact sometime stoling a bit the show. Its not what i would call thick or lush vocal, since this will surely warm macro resolution and affect proper separation, here it’s airy and open mids, with just a hint of dryness-breathyness to it, in that regard i would not call the rendering the most natural even if i dindt encounter wonky tone. To my ears their just a slight hint of timbral imbalance that can happen, in the sens upper mids texture grain is softed and mid treble more focus, so piano or violin will sound more energic and vividly resolved in higher pitch while more liquid and lean in mid range. Note weight is rather light here, which explain this restrained piano presentation.

The treble is fascinating, yet unique in it’s refinement. Its both crisply open and airy and softed in crunch and fullness. The trick to add sens of air and space tend to affect certain instrument, fo ex, cymbals crash will sound overly scooped and darked, they will feel recessed, which is good to avoid splashy muddyness but can affect proper sens of dynamism in energic track like ”Skink” from Elephant9, with this track percussion is focus on snare and synth as well as bass line, while all the rest feel overly dark and uneven. So, this is what make me conclude the EN1000 are dark sounding but in a W shape way, due to extra boost in 15khz section to add air, brilliance and sparkle with rather natural resonance. The EN1000 don’t excell in energic super busy music yet are far from being bad or lacking in refinement, the bass is already slightly problematic for proper definition of fast kick drum so if you add softed attack edge, this sure don’t help for vividly clear definition of all instrument, but the great layering and transparency avoid them to sound muddy. EN1000 nailed a mature brightness that doesn’t go sibilance or spiky and offer organic treble presentation with appealing brilliance, snap and sparkle. Air and sens of openess is very immersive and while it doesn’t extract all micro details with same energy, the macro resolution is far from being dark or lacking intricate details.

The Soundstage is one of the highlight of the EN1000, its way above average and thanks to dual sound chamber, it offer an immense spatiality with 3D wideness, deepness and tallness. No doubt it’s among best sub-200$ IEM for an out of the head crisply holographic spatiality with addictive immersivity.

The imaging too is above average even if not the crispest in sharp definition. We have a good balance of wide airy sound layering and accurate stationary placement of instruments. Space between instrument is wide, without making them feel distant in an overly hall like presentation.


This IEM really grow on me fast and never stop pleasing me even after one month of listen. The sound feel so open and speakers like, and while we have a sens of vivid dynamic, it never go dangerous and can be enjoy for long time laid back listening. I find the neutralish sound approach very mature and refined, as well as refreshing since it’s not a DF neutral or harman tuned IEM which is a big plus when it’s well balanced like this. The layering is exemplary and have an airy delicate presentation, its nor too thick or too thin and keep both texture and transparency nuance without boosting it. Sure the bass punch lack a bit of proper authority and definition, but it does extend deep and have realist tone, more i listen to it more i feel its a bit U shape in fact, but less so than Aria, yet with similar linear extension and extra natural resonance. Mids are lacking a bit of note weight and timbre density, for piano especially, but they are very clean and it have this natural impact resonance that make it captivating still. Let say the dynamic driver is excellent and I respect the musicality ideal that Simgot chase with EN1000.



Ok, while i do hear sound presentation difference between those 3, it’s not night and day difference and mostly about timbre, instrument presence definitio-brightness and dynamic articulation.

Black (N3A000) offer the most open and clean presentation, with hint organic liquid timbre and extra upper treble brilliance and air. Bass is thumpies too. Its my fav.

Blue (C3A035) offer more presence brightness and definition, bit of extra upper mids bite for instrument like violin or electric guitar, so timbre is more textured and imaging a bit more precise. Their less brilliance-sparkle than Black.

Red (C3A045) offer a more distant dynamic, hint darker presentation with vocal that feel more upfront and wide. Bass hit less hard. It’s my least favorite.

To note that you can use normal 2pin cable with the EN1000, sound will be similar to black plug.




The Autumn is fuller sounding, thicker and warmer in timbre and just a hint bassier, in the sens the bass is better rounded, warmer and chunkier as well as weightier. While these 2 offer big soundstage, the EN1000 feel notably deeper and airier, while Autumn is all about grand wideness. Autumn offer a more natural tonality while En1000 is more technical, transparent in resolution and extended yet less full in treble. Autumn mids are lusher and thicker, they have more pina gain in loudness and hint more upper mids presence which make female vocal even more fowards and fully bodied yet not as clean and well layered as EN1000. Treble is very different here, the Autumns have mroe crunch and bit and doesn’t feel scooped in presence as much as EN100, yet roll off faster in upper treble, so percussion sound more detailed and snare drum more balanced with them, but overall macro-resolution is more muddy yet more cohesive too, less artificial in dynamic rendering we can say. Imaging is without a doubt superior with the EN1000, their proper space between instrument as well as cleaner layering of each instrument, Autumn feel compressed with layers in a thick warm way.

All in all, the EN1000 technical performance is far superior to the one of Autumn, from attack speed to resolution and imaging, yet tonality feel colder and less intimate, more distant, which trigger less emotionality to me.

VS Sonic Memory SM2

The SM2 are my new sub-250$ technical champion and there no doubt it surpass the EN1000 in that regard even if really good by its own. Resolution is higher, attack speed and control notably superior, definition edge sharper and cleaner and imaging more accurate. Bass is a hint less boosted, doesnt deliver similar resonant slam yet is better define and more textured as well as more linear and deeper in extension. Mids are more vivid in dynamic, hint shoutier too since pina gain is higher and upper mids more upfront, the clarity is brighter too yet both female and male vocal are fuller wider and more fowards with the EN1000, overall mids are smoother too and less clinical sounding. The treble is where the EN1000 stand no chance against this vivid agile SM2, its feel more scooped in edge and darkened in micro detailsr endering wich is higher with SM2, as well, in fast busy track their less mixed up resonance and timing is faster and more accurate and articulated, overall result is cleaner but not as open and sparkly than the EN1000. Imaging is superior too with SM2, but not as spacious.

All in all, here it’s the SM2 that offer a more technical sound with superior clarity and attack speed, while tonality is more laid back and natural with the EN1000.



I’m more than pleasantly surprise by the Simgot EN1000 both in term of technical performance and tonal balance. It’s crisp open neutral sound have just enough sens of dynamic, punch and snap to make it immersively entertaining yet fatigue free too.The construction and design is real piece of craftmanship art and deserve respect. The cable tuning plug work well and color tonality in subtle way, this open new doors for extra tuning possibilities too.
But most of all, it sound refined, mature and very rewarding for critical and laid back listening session.
If you are allergic to IEM that deliver spatiality that feel stock in your head, or if you seek for a different tuning than repetitive DF neutral,Harman target or primal V shape, the EN1000 is certainly an IEM that should be in your top list.
This is a keeper for me, and it should please fans of Moondrop Aria, Vsonic VS7 and Aune Jasper, even if it sound notably different, the sound experience is mature, open and transparent like those 3.
Highly recommended!

PS: I want to thanks Simgot for sending me this review sample. I have no money incencitive nor any pressure to write a positive review. These are my honest subjective sound impressions.

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