HISENIOR MEGA5P: Supreme all-arounder pleasure

 -bassy harman tuning done well
-lush neutral with extra warm bass
-beautifull male and female vocal
-natural timbre
-good note weight
-tone is right for all instruments
-good layering and overall technicalities
-holographic immersive spatiality
-wide soundstage
-smooth and fatigue free yet dynamic sounding
-good construction and accessories
-good sound value

-not cleanest sound
-definition lack a bit of edge
-rolled off upper treble (lack of sparkle, brillance, air)
-bass is too warm and chunky
-spatiality lack depth
-venting port placement is prompt to blockage
-price should be 240$ and never 400$ to be truely competitive

Technicalities: 8.8/10
Construction: 8.5/10
Sound value: 9/10


This is a video review of the Hisenior Mega5P.

I didn’t get them for free and wasn’t asked to review them. These were loan from a friend and since i enjoy them so much and was already big fan (and small hyper) of Hisenior T2 classic, i need to share my love about those.

Tonality is a balanced warm W shape, we can say a fuller bodied Harman target with extra mid bass punch and dense lush natural timbre. These are for vocal and mid range lover, yet they dont lack in bass nor in treble region, well its not a sharp or crisp sounding IEM, its thick in sound layers but doesn’t go muddy. These are for timbre lover, violin and piano sound full bodied and have great physical presence with smoothen sharpness.

Technicalities are great but understated since its all but a technical sounding IEM, macro resolution cohesiveness is favorize over analytical micro definition. Attack speed is fast, permiting great layering articulation. Bass is the part were technical performance are average, is warm and not linear in extension, bit mellow boomy we can say, yet it mix well with rest of driver adding thickness and warmth.

Now, there you go for my full review with comparisons against 4 IEMs (Kinera Idun Golden, Audiosense T800-AQ4 and Hisenior T2).
Hope you enjoy and subscribe!

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You can order the Hisenior Mega5P for 240$ here: https://www.hisenior-iem.com/products/meag5p-hybrid-iem
As well, since i refuse any affiliate program, Hisenior offer a COUPON CODE OF 20$, code is: chifilove

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