TEMPOTEC V6: First Android DAP from Tempotec and it look amazing!

If you follow me, you know i’m a BIG Tempotec fan boi and this go back more than 5 years ago, when I discover they were creating similar DAC-AMP to Hidizs Sonata and decide to test them. I was very impress by the Sonata IDSD Plus, which use dual ES9018q2m and have balanced output, the sound quality was crisp, clean and powerfull for the time.
Still, in term of incredible sound value, it was the Tempotec HD PRO dongle that was a game changer for me, at 40$, it was and still is delivering a reference crisp neutral sound quality with it’s well implemented CS43131 DAC.

But Tempotec never create audiophile grade android DAP, instead, they create a marvellous ”music station”, the V1A, which in fact is a DAP but can be use as USB dock for dongle and dac-amps too. It’s ultra small and packed with features including bi directional bluetooth and Hiby UI.

This mean the TEMPOTEC V6 is their first Android DAP, and to say it’s an ambitious music player is an understatement, it seem to be the end-game DO-it-ALL mid-tier DAP priced more competitively than anything else on the market (around 300$). As well, it seem to be very first DAP to use the new AKM4493SE DAC, this time in dual balanced mode. Power output seem very powerfull, you have 3.5 se and 4.4 bal jack as well as 2 line out (3.5 4.4). You have bi-directional bluetooth. It’s MQA compatible etc etc etc…
Is it to good to be true?

We will know soon once I receive very first sample, or when it will be release in July, until then, give a read to the info and specs here:

TempoTec V6

Full format decoding: DSD512 native, MQA 16X, DXD, PCM 32bit/768kHz

Open Android OS: Android 8.1

Deeply optimized OS: SRC bypass architecture makes music transferring efficiently at low latency.

Music source: Micro SD, USB DAC In, Bluetooth5.0, AirPlay.

V6 hardware: 2*4.4mm, 2*3.5mm, 4.2′ touch screen, 4500mAh battery

V6 features and parameters


Processor: Snapdragon 425 @RAM 2GB ROM 16GB

SNR: 124dB; DNR: 124dB; THD+N:-111dB

Output level: 2VRMS/3.5mm ,4VRMS/4.4mm

Output Power: 330mW/32Ω/3.5mm,610mW/32Ω/4.4mm

Crosstalk: 84dB/32Ω/3.5mm,116dB/32Ω/4.4mm

Fully supports APPs of 3rd parties

As long as conneted to WIFI, you can enjoy music by stream media app including but not limit to TIDAL, Spofity, Qobuz ,Deezer and Apple music.

Two-Way Bluetooth 5.0

Supports Bluetooth Audio Decoding Protocol: LDAC,AAC, UAT, APTX, APTX-HD,SBC   

The sound heard is the sound recorded

TS (True sound) music—The sound heard is the sound recorded.

TempoTec had previously recorded few traditional Chinese folk music in high fidelity 24bit/96kHz without any remixing,editing and stitching. Those music faithfully record the original sound of the traditional Chinese instrument when it was played and recorded.

The picture above shows is the “Chinese zither” which is a traditional instrument can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty 2200 years ago. There is also a well-known piece named”高山流水” which is in the top 10 famous traditional chinese pieces. This piece expresses the story of musician Yu Boya and his bosom friend Zhong Ziqi who can understand what scene and mood expressed in Yu boya’s music very well. Unfortunately, Zhong Ziqi died of illness serval months later, Yu Boya was heartbroken and said no one understands my music anymore, why do I still play. Then he breaks the zither and never plays again.

If you want to know the timbre characteristics of Chinese zither, Please download this music ”高山流水”.

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