NICEHCK EB2S Review: Surprisingly refined and musical

-laid back balanced signature
-smooth yet dynamic enough
-musical and versatile
-natural timbre
-full sounding male and female vocals
-good layering and resolution
-good sound value

-bass lack definition and impact
-soundstage is average for an earbuds (especially deepness)
-sound a bit blurry overall smoothed in edge
-attack lack snap, sparkle, decay, weight

TONALITY: 8.2/10

NiceHCK is a touch-everything Chi-Fi seller that begin to create it’s own IEM and earbuds some years ago, he’s mostly know for it’s NX7 serie which were hybrid IEM, but as well for it’s great sounding earbuds like EB2 and EBX. Today I will review it’s latest earbuds release, the EB2S, which is the first earbuds to use a LCP (liquid crystal polymer) dynamic driver, the new DD fashion in chifi lately due to Moondrop Aria appraisal. Is it just exotic tech gimmick? Let’s see in this short review.


While the cable feel cheap and at risk to dry and break, the shell have a great elegant design and good metal built. The ”horn shape” of the shell permit a rather good fit for earbuds, at least in my case. It have a back hole, but I don’t think it’s truely half open back earbuds. In term of package, it’s strict minimum, a random carrying pouch and minimal earbuds tips.


Tonality is smooth balanced neutral, with hint of bass warmth and extra focus on mid range presence. It sound open, relaxed yet near mid centric if it wasn’t for this slight treble airyness.

Technicalities are quite impressive for an earbud of this price range, especially sens of layering, which is free and open. Transient speed isn’t bad too, so it can deal with busy jazz and doesn’t get muddy messy, but still lack a bit of sharp definition to make it truely exciting. Attack weight is the issue here, we don,t feel the note fall, so let say sloppy yet clean dynamic?

Bass isn’t what i would call well rounded even if natural enough in texture and with minimal slam, the mid bass punch is shallow in definition and impact so kick drum feel too soft and warm blurry, separation with mids is more about smooth transition with hint of extra warmth that benefit mids body in a organic way.

Mids are the best part for me, vocal are natural, lush and free of sibilance, tone is right, though snap isn’t there as well as excitment. Their an analog feel to overall sound, and as said above, the sounds layers have good extraction so instrument add up on each other in layers in an appealing fluidity. Laid back, yet greatly present, i find mid range very appealing and immersive. Both male and female vocal sound full enough and this is a big plus and great sign of well balanced tuning.

Treble too is good, but a bit unique, it’s light yet not thin or half done, just smoothed in edge and with a small extra boost in 8khz region (?) for extra air. Brilliance and sparkle are there but cut short, clavichord will lack a bit of energy, but will still sound right. I would not call the treble very extended, but it can still deliver interesting texture nuance and micro details, just not in a fowarded way. So, this make the EB2S even more immersive, in the sens, when you wanna dig for new sound info, you will at least find some.

Soundstage is average wide and tall for an earbuds, deepness is more problematic here, since its very minimal, more like your in front of two big deskop speaker near to each other and that will benefit from a sub-woofer.

Imaging is above average for the price, thanks to decent transparency and good layering, you can easily spot stereo placement, but it will not be very precise in central instrument separation, since space isn’t crisp nor ultra clean or wide.

Extra subjective appreciation:

Firstly, i wasn’t expecting this type of signature…don’t know why i was thinking it would be a warm bassy earbuds since it ISN’T at all. It’s a lively well balanced W shape with mids and treble emphasis, which sound open and airy with good but not forced bright resolution. It doesn’t sound like a cheap earbuds and attack speed and control and overall technicalities are very impressive for the price, especially imaging.

To note that with earbuds, choice of foam type will greatly inflict on sound, in a different way than IEM since full foam will darken and warm the sound and some time thicken the bass too. I always use DONUT FOAM because its the compromise between no foam and full foam, you got the fit and you keep clarity clean and soundstage openess.

So, these remind me of something in between Mrz Tomahawk and NiceHCK EBX, bot earbuds with very open soundstage and hint bright tonality. The EB2S is very impressive when it come to dealing with wtv music type you throw at them, right now I test ”Abraxical Solapse” track from THE PHYSIC HOUSE BAND, which we could put into Metal category (or hardcore math rock), with lotta IEM and buds, this is just unlistenable due to cymbals splash that got too hot, here it excellent, no splashyness, treble is well balanced without harsh spike, sens of transparency permit a cohesive yet well resolve instruments presence, we have just enough texture so electric guitar doesn’t sound dull or too scooped in energy. Kick drum lack a bit of weight and roundness but have well define and resolve punch. What I mean here, is that EB2S can deal with fast busy track without going too messy, in less complex passage we enter eargasm territory.

In term of timbre, its a bit brightish and for violin and female vocal i would love a bit more warmth and density, but this would affect resolution.

I do think the hype is justify around the EB2S, for the price, it’s among the best earbuds in term of technicalities and tonal balance is excellent, near neutral yet not boring.


The NiceHCK EB2S are a big step up over it’s EB2 little brother, especially in naturalness, balance and resolution. I’ts an extremely versatile earbuds that work with any style of music, yet, doesn’t boost the fun factor due to lack of bass authority. For a laid back, fatigue free long listen pleasure, the EB2S have a smooth immersity that can become addictive in the long run, it’s a ”jack of all trade master of none” earbuds that doesn’t sound boring even if it’s balance is mature.
Those and the EBX are my favorite NiceHCK earbuds. NICE!


PS: I wanna thanks NiceHCK for sending me these earbuds after I manifest them my curiosity due the exotic LCP drivers they use. I’m not affiliated nor have any compensation for this review.

You can buy the EB2S for 27-28$ directly from official NiceHCK store here:

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