DQSM HERMIT Mini-Review: Full of potential

Clean delicate sound with high resolution and vivid crispness.
Excellent transparency.
Great imaging.
Wide and deep soundstage.
realist textured timbre.
Generous amount of details that doesnt feel out of place.
Mature balanced tuning.
Fast transient response.
clear mids
Solid construction, minimal to inexistant microphonic for cabled iem)

A bit relaxed dynamic (especially from mid low to high mid).
Lack of mid bass-lower mid body and kick impact
hint of sibilance-shoutyness.
Male vocal can feel a bit thin and recessed.
Upper treble can be too sharp for some at high volume, but here i try to put myself into other listener ears cause if find treble beautifully delicate.
Bass is kinda unbalanced as a whole, like lean to U shape extension.
Not the most versatile tuning.

TONALITY: 7.8/10

(this is is a mini review that I forget about, I had extra sound impressions)

These arent bad at all, and sure very refined and mature sounding for a 20$ IEM.
Firstly, the housing is notably bigger than Moondrop Spaceship, which the Hermit put to shame in term of balance and soundstage and overall musicality. An intersting fact is that even if cabled, these doesnt produce lotta microphonic.
For the sound, its W shape with tamed mid bass impact, extended sub bass, hint of extrra upper mids and upper treble, never in an overly boosted way cause for a Bright IEM I consider these smooth sounding.
To be noted that from experience, micro DD driver need good amping and these are No exception, if you want bass slam and dynamic imaging, you need at least 150mw@32ohm.
Timbre isnt very thick, but it have an airy density and impressive transparency, permiting to achieve accurate imaging.
To my ears, it sound like what Spaceship and SSR whish to be.
The bass is very nice for jazz, less so for rock or electronic due to lack of mid bass punch, sometime you even seach the kick into your song, but the lower extension have body and natural extension. Toms hit are very nice even if lead hit is a bit tamed.
Mids are a bit thin, especially for male vocal, but attack have nice bite too, light and well define piano, violin, female vocal arent sibilant. Here its the clean transparency that impress as well as realist timbre.
Treble is perhaps the best part, but im no treble sensitive…still, it isnt splashy, grainy or BA like at all, its delicate, sparkly and airy. Silence DO exist with the Hermit and permit. Micro details are on the generous side but not in a unbalanced way.

Less than one hour listen with those so i will share more impressions tommorow. But one thing i’m certain about: these aren’t bad for 20$ and kill all KZ, TRN I heard.

As say, anti-hyper so something that annoy me is the lack of cohesion in bass-mids mix for instrument like cello where the texture take the lead but body felt thin…which improve imaging clarity. cant explain this phenomenon right now….it surely have to do with a mix of upper treble and mid bass cohesion.

So my first impressions doesnt change that much and i can confidently suggest these IEM for music style like Classical (not cello solo), Jazz (not drummer solo but still have fast attack and transient to deal with complex drum pattern), Soul-R&B (Hermit have slam weight, but not fast kick attack and female vocal are pretty nice), Folk (guitar sound marvelously crisp), Indie and Pop. NOT for electronic beat heavy track, neither for fast rock or anything that need kick energy…


TONALITY is vivid V to W shape with mid bass boost and lower and upper treble boost. Bassy, analytical and airy sounding with great sens of transparency.

TECHNICALITIES are very impressive for the price, attack speed is fast especially in treble section wich are ultra snappy. Resolution is very high as well as overall accuracy.

BASS is thumpy, transparent, with more resonance than proper rumble and slight sub bass roll off. Mid bass attack is fast and thigh but we have some resonance that can bleed on mids without feeling muddy due to transparency.

MIDS are bright and a bit recessed, thin in timbre which is more problematic for male vocal and instrument that need lower mids presence to sound bodied enough.Upper mids can create slight sibilance. Overall mids are crisp, clean and well layered.

TREBLE is the miracle part of the Hermit, it dig lotta micro details, and have fast snappy attack as well as beautifull sparkle to it. It sound airy and open and act like an attention seeker. Both delicate and vivid, it add a lot of effortless clarity to overall sound.

SOUNDSTAGE is wide, open and airy with impressive sens of depth.

IMAGING is excellent for the price, crisp and precise in instrument placement.

TIMBRE is thin, dry and transparent. Realist but a bit inconsistent.

Sidenotes: The Hermit will scale up with amping even if it have rather low impedance of 16ohm and high sensitivity of 112db. If you ask me why, i would answer that from experience all micro-driver DD iem I try seem to need power to shine.


The Hermit are extremely impressive in term of technicalities like resolution, imaging and attack speed and not that bad in term of tonal balance though the mids aren’t very inviting. To my ears, it’s among the best IEM 20$ can get and comparable to iem like BLON BL-05S in term of overall performance.


  1. so to get the best sound from a $20 micro DD iem we need a $100 amp that can reach 150mw@32 ohms ? at what level is such powerful amp for casual volume listening ? 5%? ( android audio typically only has 16 volume steps that is around 6% increments) for mobile audio it a lot of power that will eat battery quickly and burn our pockets with heat. so these type of micro DD iem is not recommended for mobile audio ? thanks


    1. in fact, even a LG V30 with high gain unlock drive these well. so, a dongle like Jcally JM20, Tempotec HD PRO, audirect atom2 will do good to. Micro DD tend to be harder to drive. you can buy a cheap Walnut V2S or F2 or Zishan Z2-Z3 too, cause it can be use as a quite powerfull portable amp and not that shitty DAP (especially Z3).


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