TINHIFI T2plus Review: Jack of all trades, master of none

The plus: balanced, natural tonality-timbre, nice vocal, smooth and inoffensive, safe tuning, rather wide-tall soundstage, mature all arounder, good macro-resolution

The So-SO: Average micro-resolution, average technicalities, lack of air and sparkle, poor imaging, strange bass to mids transition, lack of dynamism and bite in attack, a bit muddy layering, upper treble roll off, niche tonality that will be hate or love affair in term of musical enjoyment, warm sloppy-ish unrealistic bass, soundstage have no deepness and sound is opaque.

VALUE: 8/10

Since the beginning i just can’t fully enjoy the sound flavor of T2+, even if i try all ear tips possible, different sources and amps as well as doing some mods to improve the clarity of imaging and attack heft…if you were a fan of T2 lively textured sound, the Plus is NOT for you, if you’re a fan of something like Final E3000 or E4000, the T2+ might be an interesting side grade.

CONSTRUCTION is very good and I don’t encounter MMCX connectors issue that some other people does in the past, so second batch perhaps solve this issue. The housing feelsturdy with its allmetalconstruction as well as not too easy to scratch. The fit is smooth and organic and should be great for all type of ears. The SPC cable included is decent too.



Flat, warmish and thick sounding is the T2+, the tonality is cohesive like melted sugar in caramel…everything is closely stuck together and bass tends to mix with rest of the response even if it isnt boosted.

Soundstage is above average in wideness with right ear tips but lacks deepness and tallness.

Imaging is rather hollow in clarity, so no precise instrument spotting possible, it does have a good amount of sound layers info but lacks silence and space to be articulated properly.

The bass lack texture, separation, well-defined attack and extension. It sounds like a bit muffled and you will struggle to guess what exact notes is played by a bassist cause tonality is too warmed. Midbass has good weight and thickness giving pleasant slam, not a fast thigh one but slow and not particulaly well separated from mids.

The Mids are the best part of T2+, very natural in tonality and timbre, tough not very textured and kinda dark in resolution. Both male female vocal sound alright, its not too intimate and have an open wide presentation but separation lack air and layers feel stuck together closely even if mids are on the top of the thick cake. No sibilance to be found. Smooth, pleasant, a hint organic. Transparency is just enough, which permit wide enveloping presentation.

The Treble is a mixed bag here, from low to mids treble it’s near-perfect: full, natural, rich and never splashy, sibilant or harsh….but their NO air to be found, neither attack bite or sparkle which will be underwhelming for guitar lover-electric or acoustic. As well, texture and micro details are hard to find. The top is roll off and relaxed, percussions are sometimes far in the back and some details get lost behind prominent mids. Lean until it drop, not very energic, will sue bore to death the treble head hungry for attack snap and details retrieval. Lazy tonality not for lazy ears.



VS Tinhifi T2:
T2 is brighter, punchier, more lively, more W shape and energic. Soundstage is bigger-deeper. Bass have more mid bass boost but it roll of faster so less rumble length, still, separation is better and attack is tighter, we have more texture too and faster weightier attack. Mids are brighter, more detailed, have better separation and definition and more upper mids presence so less smooth-organic. Treble is more detailed and crunchy, it has more bite but not a lot of sparkle even if a bit more than T2+. Everything sounds faster and thighter with the T2, but not as balanced and lean as the Plus, treble has some tricks to add air, which can subdued highs fullness so while percussion are better to extract it isnt as natural and well rounded as T2+. Yep, the tonality of T2+ is more natural but in an ”impressionist” way, T2 is expressionist in its musicality for the better and the worst. It take risk while the Plus is too shy and polite.



All in all, the Tinhifi T2+ is a refreshing attempt in chifi tuning, mature yet a bit underwhelming in both technicalities and musicality, the tonality is inoffensive and laid back and permissive so I think its a safe all-arounder. Perfect for a long listening session that will not distract you with spectacular music presentation, not suggested neither for bass or treble lover…more for mid-centric and dark-neutral IEM fans.


PS:thanks to Keephifi for sending me this review sample .

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