AUDIOSENSE T800: First JOYFULL impressions!


Photo de ErIk Ikomori.

Unlike some other intense reviewers, ”unfortunately” , I have a personal life that can stole lot of my time. This surely explain why I do not have review the incredible AUDIOSENSE T800 already, anyway, i will share you some first impressions so you know what type of sound these marvel can deliver.

The T800 is a 8 balanced armature UIEM using dual Knowles for bass, quad Knowles for mid range and dual Knowles of highs.

Yes, this isn’t your normal Chi-fi earphones using cheap after market balanced armature, because Audiosense are very perfectionnist about sound engineering to the point of collaborating with Knowles team for tuning perfectly customize version of thei drivers. This mean its a company that will always evolve, and unlike KZ they listen and even communicate with their fan and consumers to improve futur audio tuning. I see a very bright futur for this company wich work in audio industry for years but just begin to show themself more widly with their Aliexpress STORE.

The T800 is their flagship model, but they take as much care to tune their entry level model wich use real Knowles balanced armature drivers as well. Their 40$ entry level T180 is a neutral and revealing sounding single BA that surely represent one of the best deal you can find, T260 is a 60$ dual BA and T300 a triple BA, I will share first impressions about those soon but today its the T800 day! So there you go.


CONSTRUCTION is excellent, the resin housing will even resist to dog chewing if you own a stupid dog. BUT, these are big, and will not fit properly very small ear as I can conclude when I have to help my mother put this in her ears, she do not have my big ears (dont know where they came from) and well, I was afraid to damage her ears, it was like trying puting a big rock in nail hole.


Nonetheless, it kind of fit and she was WOWED….even if I know she got bad seal and did not hear full potential of T800. ISOLATION is supreme and sound leakage inexistent. What do you expect with a 8BA earphones, well, an organic shape that will help proper fit and the T800 with its special type of super smooth resine achieve it, their not hard corner and housing is quite light for its size.

With my T800 I receive the old and new cable. New one is a 8 cores braided copper, it help to smooth overall sound and I really like the high quality ot if. Less so the earhook wich I will get rid soon.


Old cable is the one you will find with other T serie models, wich is a great 4cores SPC cable.


As well, the T800 come with a waterproof case of extreme sturdyness and quality, similar to Pelican case.


EARTIPS and fit is ultimately important to get right sound, these are the most tips dependant iem I onw, wide bore do well for me, but placement in my ear canal is a most for proper soundstage and bass impact, you can kind tune the sound too, with bigger eatips air will expend and make the bass more thick etc. Anyway, unlike most iem, these do not benifit from too long eartips to expend air so acoustic tuning can be achieve properly, the tuning is all made in housing with tube and filters.



Firstly, these are the more revealing iem I own, not just in upper region, but in whole frequencies range. You do not just hear the sound, you see it too, nothing is hide but what impress the must is that T800 do not sound cold but have the perfect mix of brightness and warmness to its overall sound.

With T800 you have an holographic sens of layering that give imaging a (kinda HD) life like presentation, wich proof its well tuned, it do not sound too fowards or artificial at all and timbre is just slightly textured so it do not sound grainy or shouty.

BASS is very weighty for a multi BA, sub and mid bass have pristine separation tough lower end isnt the most refined I ever heard (dynamic driver still win in this region). The slam is there tough and hit fast with a thick presence. Timbre is detailed without too much grain, rightly done, with natural yet very highly defined attack.

MID RANGE is richly revealing, vocal are centered and in front seat, they are very alive and super clear, this kind of clean mid range is only possible with multiple drivers iem as lower region do not warm them up and stay in the back as it should in real life. Body is full, and mid range separation is excellent, all instrument have their singular presentation and soul. Should it be piano, violin ,sax etc, sens of attack and weight is accurate and lively.

TREBLE is well extended, and fowarded and elevated in 8-12khz with a smooth curve, this make the percussion ultra sparkly without splashiness, this is sharp and super energic mid treble and can be considered as analytical. Percussion or micro details are very crisp and you will hear perfectly every little sound of even the fastest and more complex crazy percussionist, this is particularly enjoyable for genius jazz or complex electronic-idm. Nope, the T800 aren’t boring at all but will perhaps distract treble sensitive people.

With the T800, sometime I have to stop walking cause i’m too impress and my eye are poping out of my WOW face. For me, its the only drawback but I can deal with it.


    1. Thanks bro, Merci l’ami! Wow, you have the CA Andromeda?? Are they as detailed as the T800? And its true that theres really nothing to complaint about T800 sound for300$ its whole praise, I guess people that could complain will be due to bad fit cause the sound is extremely sensible tofit, especially soundstage!

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