FINAL AUDIO E5000: First impulsive impressions

So after I review E1000, E2000, E3000 and E4000, finally, the last gem of this serie arrive: the E5000, top of the E serie Line.

At 280$, these are real luxury micro earphones. I will share some first impressions and pics here with you before I let go myself into E5000 musical world just for plain enjoyment.


Unboxing is quite generous and on par with the price we pay, perhaps even more. It have a very unique case, pair of earhook, a clip, multiple famous Final eartips.


As always, its nicely packaged, like precious jewleries should be. The cable is way nicer this time and again, on par of its price range. A nice 4 cores SPC cable, thick and sturdy.


Look at these, look carefully as they are soooooo small yet perfect. The E5000 are perhaps the bigger E serie housing, but still the smallest when we compare to all other earphones brands. Final Audio have a vision, and they do not make compromise for it, they stay pure, and the E5000 is a statement of this minimalist approach that give a maximaliste sound experience.


So, how do the E5000 sound?? Well, from another league, plain and simple, and subtle.

They sound like an ultra improved E3000, they still have a warm thick sound but with extra clarity, snappy attack, spacy imaging and more foward mid range.

They are energic and natural, with tigh controled bass that have great weight and timbre. Man, I love these, the mid range is smooth yet thick and again with special timbre to it, as all E serie, treble is on the smooth side bu I heard more decay and sparkle in high due to very spacious soundstage.

E5000, previsibly with highed end earphones, might be my favorite one from all E serie, it sound so lush, refined and well, addictive!

Thats now its time I just laid down and listen non stop to these.



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