SENFER DT6: WOW effect guarantee. Exceptional sound for give-away price.

DT6 (was about time) REVIEW:


SOUND: 9/10


DESIGN: 8.5/10

VALUE: 10/10


Expectation are high about the Senfer DT6 sound capacity, wich is in part explained by the particular drivers implementation it use as well as underground hype that begin to be less underground.

DT6 use 1 dynamic driver for bass, 1 balanced armature for mids and one piezo electric driver for treble and high. This isn’t easily tunable drivers in one single housing and the fact the transient response feel natural and barely ever create distortion is quite an achievment in its own. But if we take the price value aspect in account, to be honnest, the DT6 became a MUST HAVE for any music lover. Just for imaging and soundstage it worth the money, but we have plenty more positive aspect to it, let’s see what they are in this review.

You can buy SENFER Product HERE




Not alot to say about unboxing experience here, as well as accessories, its minimal but if you don’t care about extra carrying case, you will be happy by the quality of included cable, eartips and especially iem.

Because what import is IEM and Cable and to me, even if i’m not a fan of cable with MIC, the construction of both is OKAY!

But mostly, the construction of DT6 Housing is really great….and can make jealous some TOTL IEM housing construction with pretentious price.

Its 2 thick quality metal piece stick togheter, nozzle one being polish metal and back housing part being glossy fancy metal with gridded motif on it with great designed back vent. They look like high grade product, well built and sturdy, nobody can rationally think these thing cost 25$.



I feel guilty having pay 25$ for this….really, here in Canada for 25$ we have no choice but to find some absurd crap call IEM in an absurd super mall call WalMart.

With the DT6 we have incredible built construction rarely find even in 100-150$ price range, the cable is so so OKAY as said, but the housing will certainly impress you (and the crowd pursuing you in the street to look at this beauties more closely).


At 32ohm, these NEED enough power to shine, but less so than Piezo electric NiceHCK N3 at 55ohm impendance. Enough powerfull dap will make them sound good, but right amping pairing will make them sound Incredible. Sometime it can give some extra warmness to overall sound with more body in bass and mids.



  1. Product Name: Original SENFER DT6 in ear metal earphone
  2. Brand: SENFER
  3. Model: DT6
  4. Earphone type: In-ear
  5. Impedance: 32Ω
  6. Earphone sensitivity: 110dB/mW
  7. Frequency range: 5-40000Hz
  8.  Interface: 3.5mm Gilded
  9. Plug Type: L curved
 10. Cable Length: 1.2m±3cm
 11.Color: Black
 12.Whether with cable: Yes
 13.Earphone interface: MMCX Interface
 14.Whether with mic: No
 15.Whether can replacement cable: Yes
 16.Driver unit: 1BA + 1DD + Ceramic Piezoelectric hybrid 3 driver unit



What hit first is how vast and spacious these DT6 sound, it is a very unique experience that do no feel like artifical Big Hall effect but more like being surround by enormous planar speakers from each side with 2 brightish stereo speakers between them and a sub in the middle. Result is a very Holographic and lively presentation, wich impress by its spatial deepness as much as widness and tallness, this is just phenomel acoustic projection for such a budget earphones. Instrument separation being excellent, Bass take back seat but is energic with great punch ,the mids are extremely clear without sounding too brightish, even if yes, the treble is emphased, there a sens of transparency surely only explainable by inner drivers implementation. For some, it will lack thickness in there vocal, but to me it give extra balance to overall sound, as its not too fowarded or extra juicy. Treble extension is mesmerizing, and show easily microdetails in a laidback way, very well layered, highs feel more crunchy than sparkly, because of a fast well controled decay that can give extra weight to higher range instrument like harpsichord or classical guitar.

SOUNDSTAGE is out of this world, wich perhaps explain why it sound like a holographic galaxy of musicality. Vast, airy, circular with deep layering and great imaging, I never heard such a well represented acoustic projection at this ridiculous price, its really an aural experience find in higher range audiophile earphones.

BASS is mid bass centric, with good tigh attack while sub is a hint dry and thin, but enough textured and resolved. Separation of low ends instrument is great. We can say there some treble focus on this region to compensate the mids presence that soften overall lower end presentation with its fowarded transparence. Bass being in back seat but greatly punchy, the sub bass feel a little hollow but cohesive with the deeply layered imaging. Anyway, I feel 20-100hz frequencies range is the less well controled one and can darken mid bass agility with a slower presentation.

MIDS are wide, fowards and well textured, timbre is soften a little and lack a little finess in definition,  but instrument placement and great layering give a realist feel nonetheless. Upper mids is brighter than lower mids that win some of  bass warmnest. Vocal have breathy fullness to it, and great presence, it feel on front row well articulate from rest of instrumental, the whole ambience have grandeur to it and how the mids are dealt with have alot to do with it. There minimal sibilance due to sharp upper mids, but this give extra grip to attack and permit sounds in 3-8khz to be well separated from each other, gaining in spaciality. In a violin quartet, I never struggle to differentiate 2 violins playing in same register, and another time, this is exceptional transient response from a budget earphones tuning with such drivers implementation.

TREBLE presentation is where the DT6 feel unique and spectacular, it really give a complex rendering of highs frequencies in a softer way that one would imagine with this level of details ability. This treble agility still have drawback, especially hearable with music that have lot of bass because it will tend to gently hollow background resolution and highs sparkle, wich will be not problematic in instrumental music like classical or jazz.

As always, I test specific acoustic instrument that gain naturalness when they have enough decay and brillance to it, wich is the harp, classical guitar and harpsichord. First time I heard solo Harpsichord playing of Scarlatti Sonata from Pierre Hantai, I just could not believe how perfectly musical and highly detailed it sound, every plucked note have authoritative attack to it, and thick timbre with extra brillance, this was fastly play and the decay wasn’t to much but still there, vast soundstage make the whole presentation extremely exciting and lively, as if we were alone in the church while Hantai play very loud on the instrument, we feel near the music in a big room giving beautifull expressivity to musicality.


BASS is punchy, with extra body to mid bass and extra texture to slower lower bass.

MIDS are fowards, wide and transparent, with emphasis on upper region and good separation in whole range.

HIGS have extra treble emphasis and give micro details with easy as well as good brilliance to metalic instrument and percussion.





A favorite of mine, the T2 always was my first suggestion for anybody searching greatest sound value in sub-100$ iem world. Now, the DT6 being priced at 35, I can already say it will be a hard fight.

SOUNDSTAGE of DT6 is about same wide but have more deepness and tallness wich give more layerings capacity.

BASS of T2 have slightly less weighty punch and body, and mix up more easily with sub bass and is less agile than more bodied and better controled DT6.

MIDS of T2 are more fowards and textured, making the DT6 feel less good in attack and having more rounded up corner. Upper mids emphasis of T2 have longer curvy bump making the presence more textured, while the DT6 have a more linear laidback feel with a more sudden peak in upper region. Both have some sibilance, but T2 is sure brighter.

TREBLE extension of DT6 go further, giving more micro details and airy feel to soundstage as well as more brillance and sparkle with most music, T2 fell more congested in higly detailed music and this is particularly hearable when lot of cymbals and percussions are played togheter.

Both construction are incredible for the price, but T2 cable is better quality SPC one.


VS NiceHCK N3:


I do not have give lot of listen to N3 right now, as it is suggested to burn them in for at least 100H….so, this impressions in after around 25H of burn in and sparse listening session. Anyway, very first impressions was positive, and improve en more with time and right amping pairing (at 55ohm the N3 are quite hard to drive properly).

Soundstage feel a little wider with N3, but not very deep or tall, DT6 having a more 3D spaciality to it.

BASS have more lower end sub presence with the N3, but mid bass feel less well resolve than DT6. Sub have good rumble but being on the slow side, it can bleed a little with the mids, but have more lower extension than DT6 and will perhaps sound more exciting for basshead.

MIDS is very strange with the N3, as without sub, like in rock or instrumental music it will sound more mid centric than the DT6, should it be with vocal or piano, the mids have a more bodied and thick presence, wich I find very addictive, attack have more weight but being less transparent and well layered than the DT6 it sound less agile.

TREBLE of DT6 feel more linear and well balanced than N3, wich have overdone colouring in sub and mids, and peaky emphasis in lower high that stole microdetails and sparkle we find with plentiness in DT6. I feel the treble is less extended with the N3 and transient response between 3 drivers more mixed up giving an overall better layering to DT6,  even if upper highs can rarely create distortion at high volume.

Both construction is again incredible for the price, but the N3 can just be wear over ear.



When we think there limit to sound quality from sub-100$ chi-fi iem, all of sudden, an exceptional iem see the day and surpass even the craziest expactation we can have.

The Senfer DT6 change everything in term of price value and I don’t see how the budget audio market can improve this very aspect. The construction do no look like a 30$ iem, and the sound is just inapropriate in this pirce range: it really sound too good to be true. DT6 is like an anachronism caming from a futur where spectacular audiophile iem are priced very low, but we aren’t there now, with the exception of DT6.

Having this type of immersive realist imaging from an around your head soundstage is something we normaly search in TOTL earphones world, even if bass isn’t perfect, mids can have imperfection and treble can be too revealing for some, the fact it sound cohesive and lively is just a miracle. This is well balanced multi driver iem, and its not V shape or badly tuned at all.

With the DT6 you get an audio experience that will wow you as much in short term than long term, this is budget iem from the futur, and the futur is now and it cost 25$.



PS: Senfer DT6 can be found on Aliexpress at around 24-35$ price, as i’m an independant reviewer, there no link included in this NOBS review. You can buy it HERE at cheapest price.


  1. Greetings, I’m looking at the DT-6 and wondering if have you tried the DT-6Pro and what are your sound impressions on that?
    Thank you for your time.


    1. I do have the DT6PRO and it’s not a love story like with DT6. They are warmer, bassier and more intimate in soundstage. Vocal are slightly fuller and more natural but the soundstage is less holographic, imaging is inferior, treble is less detailed. DT6 offer a unique sound experience while the DT6PRO is similar to lot of sub-50$ chifi iem.


  2. Having purchased a pair off the back of your review and considering that they currently only cost £15 😳 I can honestly say that unless you’re willing to spend £100+ on IEM’s these are the only IEM’s you’ll ever need. I listen to folk, folk/rock, acoustic, jungle and drum and bass. They never disappoint and they regularly, even after 2 months put a big fat smile on my face no make me tap my feet 😁

    The supplied cable is crap, but they’re so cheap it’s worth buying a new cable for around £10. I run these with a balanced cable on my ibasso DX120, they don’t sound anywhere near as good on my other DAP’s (iriver HP120 – modded and a Sansa clip) with a SE cable, in fact I can’t use them with either. They bathe in the extra power and truly sing.

    Keep,up the good work, it’s reviews like this that point people like myself in the right direction.


    1. Wow, thanks mate, it’s exactly people like you that I want to help as well. Indeed, the DT6 are still unique in term of sound value, no other sub-50$ iem can offer this amount of holographic musicality. I still use mine often and they keep wowing me with their ”cinematic imaging”. Verry true that they are sensible to audio source and cable. I like yinyoo 16cores spc+coppercable with them. After near a year of use, i encounter an issue with mmcx connector that unglue so be carefull with that. Anyway, they still work perfectly! Might need to buy a second pair just in case. If you want a more natural tonality, you should look the BLON BL03, they are giant killer too. KBear KB04 is a great deal too.


      1. I totally agree with you on them being cable sensitive I also use them with a yinyoo 16 core spc+copper cable. I started using them with a Kbear pure cooper cable but they sounded far thinner with very slight amounts of sibilants. I’ve been looking at the BL03’s but I think my next purchase will be either Shouer Tape or maybe even Tin HiFi P7. I’ve never spend more than £40 on IEM’s so either of these is a big purchase for me.


  3. Oh, same cable than me lol I didnt even read about the P7 yet….but Shouer Tape have mixed reviews, some find it overly agressive in upper mids and highs. BQEYZ Spring1 can be found under 100$ on ebay nowadays, which make them excellent value. IKKO OH1 is great too if your into bassy V shape signature with sharp mid and crisp treble. Supreme value under 300$ is Audiosense T800, which can compete with FIIO FH7 and pricier IEM. Wish you good luck with your higher end IEM purchase!


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